Thursday, May 5, 2016

Google App Indexing

Connect users to your app when they need it most
The average person only uses 26% of their apps daily, while one in four apps are never used at all. App Indexing helps you re-engage your existing app users through Google Search, for both Android and iOS.

Engage your users
By default, Google shows users install buttons for your app. App Indexing then plays a key role as a ranking signal for how your app appears, both when the user has your app installed and when she doesn't. This helps you increase your install base and keeps your users coming back.
These app deep links appear on the Search results page, in Android auto-completions, and in Now on Tap.

Finish your users' sentences
With your Android app indexed, Google Search surfaces your content in autocompletions. This means that when a user starts typing a query that can be answered by your app, Google puts your content and services front and center.

Find users from any screen
Now on Tap suggests related content and services for anything on-screen with a simple long-hold of the home button. When you implement App Indexing, your app can be displayed as a destination in Now on Tap.